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Corning California

Corning, California

Situated straight on Interstate 5, 2 hours north of the State Capitol Sacramento. Found simply 25 miles northwest of Chico and 17 miles south of Red Bluff, Corning is perhaps best understood for its award-winning olive items. Farming plays an essential role in this rural neighborhood. Other important crops include almonds, walnuts, and peaches, as well as cattle and sheep ranching.

State Criminal Law

A criminal charge of any kind is a severe matter. Our very first priority is to educate our customers about their citizen’s rights and the legal procedure in safeguarding a criminal case.

Federal Criminal Law

Federal defense lawyer needs to be entirely up to speed in dealing with many concerns such as sentencing standards, necessary minimum sentencing in a statutory and complicated legal system. We work to determine essential truths that can assist our clients to prevent obligatory minimums and minimize the possible hazards in the federal sentencing guidees process.

From standard litigation that requires resolutions, we will help you develop long-term, sustainable services throughout a time of unpredictability.

We take pride in developing an efficient end to the criminal charges against our clients, which focuses on corrective justice – while obtaining a favorable result towards a favorable future. Your freedom is at hand.

Family Law

We will help navigate through the complicated and frequently complicated legal processes involving divorce, custody, alimony, child support, parentage, visitation, modification of orders, mediation and other family disagreements.

If you have any of the above issues with the law, or any other legal issues, from civil suits, defective product suits and anything that you need protection from, with an aggressive and fair attorney right there by your side, contact our team at Rooney Law Firm. We can and will help you in your particular situation and be a source of protection in your time of need.