It is not clear what caused the collisions to occur.

Motor vehicle accidents are a reality in any community where automobiles are used. Because their use is so prevalent, this means that a car accident could happen virtually anywhere, including the Sacramento area. While these accidents commonly involve only two vehicles and result in minor injuries, it is possible that the outcome could be much worse.

Earlier this month an accident involving four vehicles occurred not far from Sacramento. The incident happened at night, at an intersection. Following the crash the intersection was closed while the seven victims were tended to. Of the people involved in the incident, two were children. One person’s was described as being injured critically. Specifics regarding who was hurt and the nature of the injuries are not available.

It is not clear what caused the collisions to occur. According to Sacramento Police, the incident is under investigated. It is likely that investigation will uncover how and why the crash happened. An accident reconstruction may be a part of that investigation. Once the investigation is complete it is possible that personal injury lawsuits will be filed regarding the matter. Injured individuals could file lawsuits against the individual or individuals whose negligent actions are to blame for the crash.

Personal injury lawsuits could provide injured individuals with financial compensation that will help cover the costs accrued as a result of the injuries. For a chance at being successful it is important that those who are hurt take action in a timely manner. The first step is to contact a lawyer who handles personal injury cases.

Source: The Natomas Buzz, “Seven Injured as Result of Four-Car Crash in Natomas,” Feb. 25, 2014

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