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This Is Our Community;

Chico is a nice big draw for the type of people seeking an environment where you can work, live and play at an affordable rate all while truly enjoying amazing access to all of the outdoor recreational activities and the advantages of a highly involved community of people.

Speaking of, there are hundreds of excellent recreational opportunities in and around our city of Chico… We have the largest park in Northern California and it is named Bidwell Park. It’s a park that’s commonly known as one of the largest city maintained and owned parks in the USA at just over 3,600 acres. and it is a real gem as well as the centerpiece of our parks and rec system and like we mentioned, it gives numerous opportunities for hiking, biking, running and horse riding use. There are lots and lots of opportunities in and around the Chico metro area, just ask yourself, what would you like to do? Even skiing a short distance away in Mt, Shasta isn’t out of the question!

Our city of Chico is a well-known in the region as a city that possesses quality values and an infrastructure with services that can maintain a tight-knit community and at the same time a small city type living as it has developed into a vibrant center for business, recreation, and all kinds of other activities.

Chico is also where we at Rooney Law Firm call home. We always want to offer you, our valued clients the very best quality of law guidance and assistance in the event that you might need the absolute best of the best that Chico has to offer.

Are You A Party That is Facing An Assault Charge, Domestic Violence Or Another Violent  Accusation?

If you are being accused of a charge such as a domestic violence offense this can be a hugely devastating experience for anyone to handle. These charges could be, or are the result of a misunderstanding, an escalated argument that has been fueled by substances such as alcohol and or drugs or could be a typical form of communication between two parties, an arrest by the police can be a very terrifying experience and can often lead to an even more serious and unwanted legal ramification.

Once you are being charged with a criminal offense, afterward, you could be facing some serious and grave legal consequences not to mention an additional question about your case. A factual defense based upon all the specifics of your case, you could have a complete defense that is unknown to you, due to certain State of California legal technicalities. You do not want to miss something as important as this.

With many decades of experience powerfully representing individuals who might have been under the investigation of detectives or possibly charged with drug and other related offenses, Michael Rooney, Head of Rooney Law Firm, will apply a knowledgeable and highly efficient and skilled legal approach to a wide range of drug-related crimes in a manner that other firms simply cannot match.

Charges that are related to burglary and or theft are not to be taken lightly, but very seriously. Once you start with the right legal defense, which we can provide, against your burglary and or theft charges is the first, and best step you can take toward seeking a highly favorable resolution between you and California law and possibly even Federal law.

Illegal Guns and Firearms Defense Attorney In Butte County and Outer Areas

While there are many weapons that are used for hunting and are protected under the law, a person in the possession of any type of the firearm, legal or illegal, that is loaded and or concealed could possibly face some serious consequences without the right representation. A weapon could be considered concealed even if it is not locked away in the trunk or another way that you might be thought to be okay and legal. For instance, if you have a loaded long gun, or rifle, behind the back seat of your pickup truck, the weapon is considered concealed and you could possibly face criminal charges according to the state.

Rooney Law Firm protects those individuals that may be confronted with any sort of weapons charges, including the following:
Loaded handguns and other loaded firearms
Concealed firearms, even if they appear to be in plain sight
Ownership of legal or illegal assault rifles and other possibly unlawful automatic weapons
Removed or disregarded serial numbers on a legal or illegal firearm
Possession of a firearm by a felon that’s been convicted

Providing an experienced criminal defense, a strong representation against firearms and weapons offenses.

The laws in California that govern the use and possession of firearms in the state are very complex and can carry serious and long-lasting punishments. If you have ever been arrested for a serious weapons offense, you should absolutely seek the advice of a tough and knowledgeable firearms defense attorney that will make it so that you can truly understand your legal options and ensure that your valuable constitutional rights are protected NO MATTER WHAT.

If you possess a loaded long gun, that’s in a vehicle, that weapon is considered concealed and you could face criminal charges, and that’s a serious thing.

Rooney Law Firm strongly and aggressively defends many clients against weapons charges. For a free initial consultation with a knowledgeable team, contact us online or call us toll-free at (800) 856-4529

Are You Facing A Serious Drug Charge?

With many decades of drug defense experience, fighting and representing people who have been suspected and under investigation or accused of a serious drug offense, Michael Rooney, of Rooney Law Firm, will bring, and apply an efficient, methodical, tough and knowledgeable legal method to a wide range and variety of drug-related crimes. This will always include, but not limited to, charges that are involving possible illegal prescription drugs and quote, so-called “street drugs” such as medical and or recreational marijuana, even though legal now, and methamphetamine. Let our seasoned and highly skilled drug crimes team of defense attorney help you defend your rights.

Accused Of Burglary Or Theft In Northern California?

Many charges that are associated with the act of burglary and or theft are nothing to take lightly in any circumstance. In our state of California, the potential life-changing charges you face are can be and are very serious. A sentence from a judge, even for the first time, first-degree burglary could potentially mean you are facing up to six-plus years in prison. And whats even more, burglary and other burglary-related type convictions will count as strikes in California, as part of the 3 strikes rule, giving you even more of a serious reason to not take this lightly.

Our firm here in Chico handles all types of related burglary and theft charges. Anything ranging from grand theft, larceny, robbery and burglary to other white collar crimes that are embezzlement, identity theft, fraud and money laundering… our extensive and aggressive defense practice will help and assist you greatly in every step of the way to freedom.

This understanding and high level of skill will matter when it comes to you choosing a criminal defense team and attorney. When you starting with the correct and right legal defense team against your burglary and or theft charges, that’s is the very first step toward you finding a favorable resolution.

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