A Team Of Attorneys in Corning, California

Corning, CA is likely best known and famous for it’s truly amazing and award-winning olive oils and other olive related items. In this region, farming does play an essential role in the city and outer areas. The other important crops to mention are almonds, walnuts, and delicious peaches, and on the livestock side of things, cattle and sheep ranching. The town itself is small and charming, not to mention laid back. The town is situated right on the I5, about 2-2.25 hours north of our State Capitol, Sacramento. Corning is easily found at around 25 miles to the north-west of the city of Chico and approx. 17.5 miles south of the city of Red Bluff.

State Criminal Law

We all criminal charge of any type is a severe matter. Some of us will find ourselves on this side of the law at times. At Rooney Law, Our very first priority as experienced lawyers in the community is to first educate our clients, friends, and customers about their rights as a citizen and the correct legal procedures in order to safeguard the community in a criminal case.

Federal Criminal Law

Sometimes, a federal defense lawyer, such as our firm, will need to be entirely and completely up to speed in Northern Californias procedures, with many concerns arising, such as sentencing standards and minimums, the necessary minimum and maximum sentencing in a statutory and extremely complicated legal system that we all reside in. Our team of lawyers works hard to determine the essential truths that will assist you, as our client, to prevent any obligatory minimums and to minimize as much as possible the possible hazards of the federal sentencing process as it pertains to your legal rights.

When dealing with standard litigations that arise, they all require resolutions, for the best outcome in your particular case. Our experienced firm will help and fight for you to develop the long-term and sustainable services throughout an often stressful time of unpredictability in the case of dealing with state and federal laws.

We take deep pride in developing the best and most efficient end solution to the criminal charges against any of our clients, which helps focus on the corrective justice measures that could be faced in court – while at the same times obtaining a highly favorable result for you and towards a favorable future outcome. Your personal freedom is at hand and should be treated with seriousness and skill that we can provide.

A Great Corning Family Lawer

We at our law firm will help navigate the often tough, complicated and frequently complicated legal processes involving a divorce, child custody matters, alimony payments, child support, parentage rights, visitation rights, mediation and other serious family disagreements that require expert outside help.

If you come across or have any of the above-stated issues with the law, or any other legal issues that you or your family might be facing, anything from civil suits to defective product suits and really anything that you might need protection from, we are here for you to protect against a highly aggressive and fair attorney that’s going to be here by your side, please contact our team at Rooney Law Firm. We are VERY experienced and we want to, and will help you in your unique and particular situation and be a source of comfort and protection in your time of need.