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With an office in Mount Shasta, Attorney Micheal Rooney has a vested interest in this amazing community. Our Lawyers have More Than 35 Years integrated Criminal Law Experience.

If you have any criminal law issues, do not make statements or talk about anything until you have actually spoken with an experienced criminal defense attorney. You do not want to lose any possible opportunity to reduce the repercussions or fight your charge.

After an arrest, a policeman will read you your Miranda Rights. As you probably understand, you have the right to stay silent, and you can seek advice from an attorney. If you wish to build the very best possible defense, you will want to benefit from those rights, and STAY SILENT until further consultation with an attorney. Memorize this number – (800) TKO-4LAW

Once they have actually informed you of your rights, police officers will begin asking you questions. As the law enforcement officers will tell you, anything you state might be used against you later on. Sometimes, a relatively harmless and small detail might come back to haunt you later on. That is why we encourage our clients to just do the following:

  • You do not want to say anything to them, it’s your right (Do not let them intimidate you)
  • You desire a lawyer

Anything aside from those words may be seen as an invite by you to speak further. Although you have the right to speak with a lawyer, one must be readily offered.

Whether you have actually been accuseded of vehicular homicide, manslaughter, drug criminal activities, sex criminal activities, or a DUI, our entire team has the resources to manage a broad variety of criminal law issues.

At our Mt. Shasta Law Office, we are a dedicated team fighting to safeguard the rights of the implicated in the State and Federal courts of Northern California.

To whom do you trust your freedom?

Rooney Law Firm is devoted to assisting to secure your rights and your future.

Contact our Law Office today either online to schedule a no obligation and free consultation to discuss your important case. Let us help you assert your legal rights and receive powerful legal counsel right away, don’t delay.

Located in downtown Mt. Shasta, we will fight to protect the rights of the implicated. We have the experience and toughness that you want in a law firm are ready to answer your criminal law concerns and assist you to prepare your defense.