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With hills all over, miles of trekking as well as biking trails, a river running with it, and also national forests close by, Redding is an outdoor heaven for young as well as old alike. Nestled by Mount Shasta and also Mount Lassen, Redding has 300+ sunny days each year. It’s a great location to escape the chill of spring and the grey days of winter as well.

A Great Track Record for Our Team of Lawyers

Rooney Law Firm has been aiding customers and assisting clients to obtain payment for negligent actions for decades.
Severe injuries could take away from a sufferer’s capability to function or do the things in life they truly appreciate. A household is left to take up the items left after a loved one is taken in a careless mishap. We assist customers to recuperate with self-respect by putting all our efforts into collecting damages and payment.

Common Injury Situations

A mishap could take place nearly anywhere, on Shasta Lake in a boating accident for instance, as well as under virtually any type of kind of scenario or situation.

Lawyer Michael Rooney masterfully stands for his clients in these complicated and also mentally challenging circumstances, consisting of things, but never limited to;

Moving Vehicle Accidents:

Vehicle accidents come in many forms and types. Here are a few examples, and not limited to these, as damages can occur under ANY circumstances. Auto crashes, any sort of vehicle crashes, bike crashes and hit and runs, pedestrian mishaps, bike mishaps (product failures, etc), boating crashes, and also various other vehicle mishaps that trigger countless fatalities and also injuries every year in the golden state. Sufferers could experience paralysis, whiplash, head injuries, back injuries, and also much more.

Building And Construction:

Though essential for the advancement as well as upkeep of our cities and also roadways, building and construction jobs are the leading sectors of wrongful fatalities amongst employees. Falls, spine injuries, head injuries, and also various other severe injuries causes, and also they could commonly be mapped back to carelessness.

Clinical Negligence:

Physicians that make reckless blunders could completely and also, in some circumstances, fatally harm their clients. Instances consist of reckless medical errors, birth injury flaws, as well as failing to identify a deadly problem.

Assisted Living Facility Misuse & Carelessness:

Households delegate long-lasting treatment centers with their most loved ones. That trust is often breached by deliberate acts of misuse. Slips as well as massive falls, which are the leading reason of fatality amongst the senior, are likewise usual in taking care of residence neglect claims.

Faulty Products:

Customers deserve to anticipate that the items they make use of as well as acquisition are sensibly secure. Regretfully, this is not constantly the situation. Sufferers of improperly built, poorly examined, or otherwise faulty items could endure devastating injuries, consisting of the loss of an arm or leg, electrocution, wrongful fatality, as well as a lot more.

Properties Responsibility & Mishaps

Pet dog attacks, slip and fall cases on industrial or a private individuals building, as well as various other mishaps on the residential or commercial property of one more, are thought about in property responsibility cases. When the sufferer receives injuries, the homeowner could come to be accountable.

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At times, personal injury victims could try to go after a settlement alone, often finding themselves puzzled by complicated law lingo, bewildered by the procedure, and some of the worst cases, preyed on by insurance policy insurers and adjusters for the irresponsible event. Do not allow these types of things take place to you. You want someone on your side, fighting hard for you.

At Rooney Law, we safeguard many targets, that could come in the form of freedom, property, money or worse. We also function and take immediate action on your behalf to guarantee you are provided for. We stand by your side, every action of the legal process, offering as relied on supporters for individual injury insurance claims.

Sufferers of badly built, poorly evaluated, or otherwise faulty items might endure devastating injuries, consisting of the loss of an arm or leg, electrocution, wrongful fatality, as well as a lot more.

To everyone that lives in the Redding area, we at Rooney Law Firm stand by your side, every action of the way, offering as relied on supporters for personal injury damages and claims.


Quick Background of Redding

Redding, the area seat, with a population of 88,000 is the biggest city north of Sacramento; it is the facility of trade and also commerce and also a regional hub for retail, education, specialist solutions and also the federal government.

Redding, California AKA The Golden State is truly an excellent area to live.

TIME mag called Redding the unofficial headquarters of Kayaking (as well as other water sports) for its “strange fixation” with all points paddling. Let the great times circulation with a see to Whiskeytown National Leisure Location, truly a terrific location to kayak, cruise, paddleboard, or simply float on your back.

Shasta County lies at the northern end of the Sacramento Valley, equivalent range between San Diego and Seattle on Interstate 5; 160 miles north of Sacramento as well as 230 miles north of San Francisco. There are three bundled cities in Shasta Area: Redding, Anderson as well as the City of Shasta Lake.

A little history of the area…

With 600 settlers, Redding was incorporated on October 4, 1887, as a basic legislation city developed under state legal statutes and also regulated by a body of laws in the State Constitution. Redding’s population was estimated to be 91,110 on January 1, 2015, according to the California Division of Financing.

Shasta Dam

Whiskeytown Dam.

Constructed as part of the substantial Trinity River Project, Whiskeytown Dam, like Shasta Dam, sparked a building and construction boom in Redding that brought its economic climate with much of the 1960s. The Whiskeytown Dam Project likewise changed Redding’s type of entertainment in numerous means by creating a lake with a 36-mile coastline. In 1962, the people of Shasta Region had the opportunity to choose between regional control and also the federal administration of Whiskeytown.

With the creation of Shasta as well as Whiskeytown Lakes, and also the peripheral accessibility that Redding needs to Mt. Shasta, Lassen Height and also the Trinity Alps, Redding grew to become a traveler facility. The arrival of the railway, development of air traveling and development of enhanced communications assisted bring people to Redding for a range of recreational tasks.

Flood control ended up being a need for the town as Redding expanded. The lobbying aided Shasta Region area leaders work the Shasta Dam right into the gradually creating State Water Strategy with the Dam as the keystone of the plan’s Central Valley Job. Completed in September 1944, Shasta Dam took six years to develop with its elevation being taller than the Washington Monument and its spillways three times the height of Niagara Falls.

Sundial Bridge

In 2004, as an effort to increase tourism in the location, the Sundial Bridge, developed by world-renowned architectural designer Santiago Calatrava, was completed. The Timepiece Bridge casts its gnomon darkness upon a dial to the north of the bridge accurately annually throughout the Summertime Solstice. With the purpose of giving pedestrian access to the north and south of Turtle Bay Expedition Park, the Sundial Bridge has not just lived up to its objective yet has likewise become a symbol for the City of Redding in the existing day.


The City of Redding has actually had 65 mayors from 1887 to the here and now with its first women mayor, Barbara Gard, appointed in 1982. Redding has quite the legal history too.

Created as a component of the substantial Trinity River Task, Whiskeytown Dam, like Shasta Dam, sparked a building and construction boom in Redding that lugged its economy with much of the 1960s. The Whiskeytown Dam Task additionally changed Redding’s type of leisure in several ways by creating a lake with a 36-mile coastline. With the goal of giving pedestrian accessibility to the north and also south of Turtle Bay Exploration Park, the Sundial Bridge has not only lived up to its objective yet has likewise come to be an icon for the City of Redding in the existing day.

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