Siskiyou County

Rooney Law operates in the County of Siskiyou and the surrounding towns and cities.

To safeguard your legal civil liberties, it is crucial to seek the legal assistance and representation of a knowledgeable criminal protection attorney. In addition to a protection based after the realities of your case, you may have a total protection unidentified to you due to particular lawful trivialities.

Are You Dealing With A Domestic Violence Suit Or Assault Charges?

Being charged with a domestic or physical violence infraction could be a damaging experience for any person. Whether the costs are the result of a mis-understanding, escalated disagreement fueled by alcohol or drugs is a common kind of disagreement between the two parties, an arrest could be distressing and also lead to a lot of severe legal implications.

Facing A Drug Charge?

With greater than 30 years of combined experience standing for individuals that have actually been under investigation or accused of a drug violation, Rooney Law Firm is able to apply an effective and well-informed legal strategy to a vast array of drug-related criminal activities. This consists of costs including unlawful prescription drugs as well as supposed common street drugs such as medical cannabis and also methamphetamine. Let our seasoned drug crimes defense lawyer assistance you.

Dealing With Charges For Robbery Or Burglary In California?

Costs connected to robbery or theft are nothing to take lightly. Burglary as well as other burglary convictions count as “strikes” in The Golden State, part of the “three strikes” regulation, giving you, also more, a reason to take this seriously.

At our law firm, attorney Michael Rooney has the skill, knowledge and experience you want on your side when you get charged with a crime. Beginning with the appropriate lawful defense against your theft or burglary cost is the initial action towards looking for a beneficial resolution.

Experienced Defense Attorney Serving Siskiyou County, Weed, Dunsmuir And Also Surrounding Communities In California

Our lawyers handle all kinds of robberies and also burglary charges. From grand burglary, larceny, robbery and also break-ins to clerical crimes such as embezzlement as well as identification theft, our thorough and unique defense method could aid you every step of the way.

Providing Skilled Criminal Protection Against All Offenses

The legislations controling the usage and also belongings of weapons in The golden state are complicated and lug severe fines. If you have been apprehended for a weapons violation, you should look for the recommendations of an educated firearms defense attorney so you could recognize your options as well as ensure that your civil liberties are secured.

Greater than 30 Years of Combined Experience defending customers as well as a 95% Success Rate, Butte County law practice Michael Rooney has actually strongly safeguarded numerous clients versus criminal fees. For a totally free first appointment, contact us online or call us at (530 )345-5678.

Prohibited Firearms Defense Lawyer In Siskiyou County

While there are many tools made for hunting, guns are protected under the law, and a person in possession of any type of kind of weapon that is loaded or hidden might encounter significant consequences. If it is not secured away correctly, a firearm could be considered as a concealed weapon. For instance, if you have a loaded long gun that’s in your vehicle, and not visible, the gun is considered hidden and also you might face criminal penalties.

As a seasoned criminal defense law firm, Rooney Law Firm will defend clients encountering criminal charges for unlawful firearms and any kind of other gun-related criminal activities.