California agencies seek to reduce motorcycle accidents

In the past few years, the number of fatalities associated with motorcycle accidents on California roads has increased. California residents include more than 1.3 motorcycle riders, and the Office of Traffic Safety and California Highway Patrol want to keep all of those people as safe as possible. As a result, the agencies are using May’s Motorcycle Awareness Month to inform bikers and other drivers about good safety measures.

Condition upgraded to fair for Chico motorcycle crash victim

For many, there is nothing like riding a motorcycle on the highways and byways of California. Some say the sense of freedom the bike provides is exhilarating. The other side of that coin, however, is the increased risk of motorcycle accident injury that goes along with traveling in an exposed manner.

Motorcycles and Larger Vehicles: Sharing the Road More Safely

We all know who loses in a motorcycle crash with a large vehicle. A biker’s body without the protection of the larger vehicle’s steel casing in a high speed collision with a car – let alone a truck – doesn’t have much of a chance of escaping injury.

Your odds are far better if you wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. The Rooney Law Firm says always drive as if you are invisible.

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