For people with PTSD, setting limits and planning for all functions can help them to cope.

The holidays are sometimes stressful, but they can be downright debilitating for someone who has post-traumatic stress disorder. A person with PTSD, which can be caused by a traumatic car accident or any other traumatic event, often has specific triggers that make the PTSD worse. Interestingly, some of the most common triggers are present during the holidays.

If a person is spending the holiday with family members, it might be difficult to deal with people who haven’t been supportive since the accident. Even if the holiday isn’t spent with loved ones, that mere fact might trigger an episode.

The constant stimulation that occurs around the holidays is another trigger for some people with PTSD. Some people might find that the noise, the crowds, and the activities make their PTSD worse. The same is true for times when people want to focus on the memories of the past.

For people with PTSD, setting limits and planning for all functions can help them to cope. It is vital that family members and friends stand by the person. In some cases, the PTSD sufferer might have to leave a function because they are too uncomfortable. Knowing that those close to them understand that need can often be a big help because of the support.

PTSD is only of the mental conditions that can occur after a traumatic accident. If you were in any traumatic accident, you might need to seek mental health care. Compensation, if awarded, can help you to get the help that you need to overcome the mental struggles you have after the accident.

Source: Women with PTSD United, “Holiday Stress and PTSD,” accessed Dec. 24, 2015

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