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Moral & Legal Support Testimonial

Dear Michael, [ ] and Staff,

I would like to thank all of you for your moral and legal support. We appreciate all the time and effort you donated to helping my daughter and our family through this terrible ordeal. Thank you doesn’t seem to say enough, your patience with my daughter’s state of mind which took an extra mile. Please know we could not have had this outcome if it had not been for all your research in finding the right doctors to aid her defense. I know it will be a very long recovery process for my daughter, hopefully on day she will be able to forgive herself for the loss of her daughter.

Thank you for giving her the opportunity to get the help she will need in the mental hospital. Thank you for all your patience in explaining the legal system to me and the extra shoulder to cry on.

Please know that we feel your team gave 100% to give us a little light for the end of the tunnel. This has been an unexpected and tragic loss to our family. Dealing with the loss of our granddaughter, the fear of the loss of our daughter as we knew her and the unbelievable circumstance that surrounded the situation was and still is overwhelming.

In these times there are not many people who would give their time and heart to help others financially. Your firm was there when we didn’t know where to turn and where to begin. I believe that … is with the angels and she guided us to you.

Again thank you just isn’t enough and I will never forget your kindness.

To all of you, for all you have done, Thank you!

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