Apr 06, 2016 rooney 0 comments

With Regards of Service Provided by Michael Rooney and his Legal Aids including Mr. Robert Carroll and assistants Rebekah and Dominique-of whom were directly or indirectly involved in assistance, research and counsel of my legal matters.

Your professional counsel, along with courteous handling of my case is greatly appreciates. There arise situations in life of extreme difficulties for everyone, and with closure, we can again choose to have the situations we endure affect our lives positively. That is exactly where I stand now; in limbo between difficulty and oppression-in movement toward operating a safer, healthier, more positive lifestyle for myself and others around me. In this state of being, for anyone, as difficult as life presents itself now, we can only endure, grow, move on and look back only to learn and remind.

All who were involved from the office, (Rooney Law Firm) have eased my situation in a way that has made hope and re-focusing tangible – and have showed great care in dealing with the issue at hand for me.

Thank you, all of you,


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