Although it is necessary to allow for parenting differences, it is also important to create a routine.

The nuclear family is not what it used to be. The father no longer serves as the sole breadwinner and the mother is no longer expected to stay within the home. Instead both parents often take are active in raising their children and can serve as valuable role models for successful professional lives as well.

In addition to this changing dynamic within this modern family, divorce is no longer uncommon and many ex-spouses find themselves raising their children in joint child-custody settings. This type of arrangement can be difficult and is always unique, but some small steps can help lay the foundation for success.

Set-up for a Successful Experience

The first step is to respect each other’s boundaries. Although the partnership between the spouses terminates with the divorce, the parenting relationship continues throughout the child’s life. As a result, having a basic level of respect for a former spouse’s parenting style is beneficial.

This often involves taking a step back and releasing a certain level of control over how your children are raised. According to divorce and parenting experts, as long as the children are not in harm’s way it is important to avoid the temptation to control a former spouse’s parenting style.

Although it is necessary to allow for parenting differences, it is also important to create a routine. Having a plan in place for transferring the children between the parent’s visitation periods and keeping each other informed of school and health issues can reduce the risk of small issues escalating into major problems.

It is also wise to encourage children to have a positive relationship with the other parent and refrain from voicing frustrations in a setting the children may overhear.

If you have children and are going through a divorce it is important to contact an experienced child custody rights and visitation attorney to discuss your parental rights, responsibilities and options.

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